Welcome to the Electric Fence Upgrades Roodepoort information and service page. Upgrades to Electric Fences in Roodepoort are only available. If you’ve got an existing electric fence, that works. Electric Fencing Roodepoort offers a wide range of Electric Fence Upgrades in Roodepoort. For all types of Upgrades to Electrical Fencing in Roodepoort. regardless of size, make, model, or brand. For expert help, give us a call at 082-396-4866.

Roodepoort Electric Fence Upgrades

Enhance The Functionality Of Your Electric Fence By Calling 082-396-4866 For Electric Fence Upgrades Roodepoort!

Roodepoort Electrical Fencing Upgrades can also upgrade you from a 6 line electric fence to a 8 line electric fence. Or a 12 line electric fence. Or if your energizer is old and you’d like to have the latest one energizer, we can help. Upgrade Wall-Top Electric Fences in Roodepoort. and Upgrade Free Standing Electric Fences in Roodepoort. Our Electric Fence Upgrades include things like Wireless Control. SMS Alerts. LCD Keypad and Multi-Zone Trigger Alarms

Electric Fence Upgrades Roodepoort Options


Wireless Control

The Wireless Control Upgrade allows you to activate it. And you can deactivate your electric fence with the push of a button. This is a simple upgrade that involves adding a wireless module to your energizer.


SMS Alert

The SMS Alert Upgrade lets your electric fence send SMS notifications to you. Your security company And even emergency services. Depending on the severity of the alert


LCD Keypad

The LCD Keypad Upgrade offers a range of features, including system diagnostics. Backup battery health status: Activation and deactivation, and loads more features. It is all controlled by a 4 digit security pin.



The Multi-Zone Alarm upgrade works like this: A standard electric fence is only a one-zone system. But if you would like to know which side of your property has an intruder, then a multi-zone alarm system is for you.

FAQ Electric Fence Roodepoort

How many amps should an electric fence have?

Fence should read 7,000 volts and zero amps.

Why is my electric fence so weak?

The primary reason for weak electric fence is the inability of the charger to deliver enough amps to the fence to overcome the impedance of the fence.  It is possible that the fence is too large in area or the wire is not thick enough.  Try improving the quality of the wire.  You should also check the number of strands in the fence and any broken strands.  If you have a solar charger, it is possible that the solar charger is not getting enough sunlight to charge the batteries adequately.  It is also possible that you have a poor quality charger.  You might consider upgrading to a higher quality charger or purchasing a new charger in addition to your existing one.

How can I make my electric fence more powerful?

There are many ways to make your electric fence more powerful without spending too much money.  One of the first things you can do to make your fence more powerful is to bury the wire a little deeper down into the ground.  You should also make sure that the posts for the wire are securely in the ground.  If there is no way to secure your posts then you will want to add some concrete to them.  When installing your fence you should make sure that the wire is tight.  You should also make sure that the wire doesn’t have any kinks or breaks in it.  You may want to invest in some stronger wires for your fence.  These wires will cost more but will be more durable and will last longer.  If you do decide to purchase these wires you will want to make sure that you use the same gauge that is recommended by the manufacture.  You want to make sure that all of the wires are the same.


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